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Cape Cod Irish Village
822 Route 28, S. Yarmouth, MA 02664

" The Best of Ireland on Cape Cod"
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Cape Cod Irish Village - South Yarmouth
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2015 Entertainment Calendar    All Dates Are Subject To Change


  • Jan 16th, 17th   John Connors Irish Express

  • Jan 18th             Bob Sylvia

  • Jan 23rd,24th     North East Ceilidh Band

  • Jan 30th,31st    The McTeggarts

  • Feb 6th,7th        Irish Whispa

  • Feb 13th            Gerard Corbett

  • Feb14th             Stage Door Canteen

  • Feb 20th,21st    Terry Brennan

  • Feb 27th,28th    Denis O'Gorman

  • Mar 6th        Ireland the Band,Songs for Ceilidh

  • Mar 7th        Christy Henshaw, Irish Whispa, Dave Hickey and The Olde Brigade

  • Mar 13th,14th     The Druids

  • Mar 15th              Black Rose

  • Mar 16th              Dave Hickey and Paul Kenneally

  • Mar 17th              Fintan Stanley

  • Mar 20th, 21st     Andy Healy

  • Mar 27th, 28th    Noel Henry Showband

  • April 3rd, 4th       Andy Healy

  • April 10th,11th     Ireland the Band,Shilelagh Law and The Gobshites

  • April 12th              Derrick Keane

  • April 17th, 18th    John Connors Irish Express

  • April 19th,  20th     Tom Lanigan Band

  • April 21st                Derrick Keane

  • April 22nd               Derrick Keane

  • April 23rd                Derrick Keane

  • April 24th, 25th     Alfie O'Se

  • April 26th               Taste of Ireland 

  • April 30th               Dave Hickey

  • May 1st               Irish Express

  • May2nd           Stage Door Canteen

  • May 3rd,4th           Dave Hickey

  • May 5th                  TBA

  • May 6th                  TBA

  • May 7th                  TBA

  • May 8th, 9th           Fintan Stanley

  • May 10th               Dave Hickey

  • May 11th                TBA

  • May 12th                TBA

  • May 13th,14th      Fintan Stanley

  • May 15th,16th      Paul Kennealy

  • May 17th              Dave Hickey

  • May 18th-21st     The Mcteggarts

  • May 22nd, 23rd   Erins Melody

  • May 24th              Derrick Keane

  • May 25th-27th     The McTeggarts

  • May 28th              Dave Hickey

  • May 29th              The Olde Brigade

  • May 30th, 31st     Inchicore The Band

  • June 1st,2nd          Fintan Stanley

  • June 3rd                 Denis O'Gorman

  • June 4th,5th           John Connors Irish Express

  • June 6th,7th           Fintan Stanley

  • June 8th                  Dave Hickey

  • June 9th-11th         The McTeggarts

  • June 12-13th           The Olde Brigade

  • June 14th-15th       Ireland The Band

  • June 16th                 Derrick Keane

  • June 17th-18th       Fintan Stanley

  • June 19th-20th       Tommy Smith Band

  • June 21st-22nd       Tom Lannigan Band

  • June 23rd-24th       John Connors Irish Express

  • June 25th                 Derrick Keane

  • June 26th-27th       Celtic Justice

  • June  28th-29th      Chris Martin

  • June 30th                  The McTeggarts

  • July 1st-2nd              The McTeggarts

  • July 3rd-4th              Noel Henry Show Band

  • July 5th                      Alfie O'Se

  • July 6th, 7th              Fintan Stanley

  • July 8th, 9th              Paul Kenneally

  • July 10th, 11th          Andy Cooney

  • July 12th,13th          Ireland The Band



  • July 14th-16th          The McTeggarts

  • July 17th                   Alfie O'Shea

  • July 18th                   Alfie O'Shea, Irish Express

    July 19th,20th         Gerard Corbett

  • July 21st                     Tom Lanigan Band

  • July 22nd,23rd         Fintan Stanley

  • July 24th,25th          Noel Henry Show Band

  • July 26th,27th          The Olde Brigade

  • July 28th-30th         The McTeggarts

  • July 31st                     Erins Melody

  • August 1st                  Erins Melody

  • August 2nd                Alfie O'Se

  • August 3rd,4th         Susan And Gerard

  • August 5th,6th         Fintan Stanley

  • August 7th,8th         Inchicore The Band

  • August 9th                 The Olde Brigade

  • August 10th,11th      Ireland The Band

  • August 12th,13th      John Connors Irish Express

  • August 14th,15th      Paul Kenneally And Tim Keohane

  • August 16th               Derrick Keane

  • August 17th-19th     The McTeggarts

  • August 20th               Paul Kenneally

  • August 21st,22nd     Ireland The Band

  • August 23rd,24th     Dave Hickey and Paul Kennealy

  • August  25th              The Auld Locals

  • August 26th,27th     Fintan Stanley

  • August 28th,29th     Erins Melody

  • August 30th               Alfie O'Se

  • August 31st                 Fintan Stanley

  • September 1st             Fintan Stanley

  • September 2nd,3rd    Dave Hickey

  • September 4th,5th     Ally Harron And Marian Curry Irish country stars

  • September 6th             Paul Kenneally

  • September 7th,8th     Fintan Stanley

  • September 9th,10th   Dave Hickey

  • September 11th,12th  John Connors Irish Express

  • September 13th,14th  Fintan Stanley

  • September 15th-17th  The McTeggarts

  • September 18th            Inchicore The Band

  • September 19th,20th  Bob Sylvia

  • September 21st-23rd   The McTeggarts

  • September 24th             Dave Hickey

  • September 25th,26th   Noel Henry Show Band

  • September 27th,28th   Fintan Stanley

  • September 29th,30th   The McTeggarts

  • October 1st                      The McTeggarts

  • October 2nd,3rd            Tommy Byrne

  • October 4th,5th             Tom Lannigan Band

  • October 6th,7th             Dave Hickey

  • October 8th                     TBA 

  • October 9th,10th           Erins Melody

  • October 11th,12th          Fintan Stanley

  • October 13th,14th          John Connors Irish Express

  • October 15th                   Dave Hickey

  • October 16th,17th          Bob Sylvia

  • October 18th,19th         Fintan Stanley

  • October 20th,21st         Dave Hickey

  • October 22nd                  Derrick Keane

  • October 23rd,24th         Silver Spears

  • October 25th                  Cahal Dunne

  • October 26th                   TBA

  • October 27th,28th         Dave Hickey

  • October 29th                   Derrick Keane

  • October 30th            Andy Healy

  • October 31st                  TBA

  • November 6th,7th          Songs For Ceilidh

  • November 13th,14th      David Kincaid, Irish Whispa

  • November 20th,21st      Deidre Reilly

  • November 27th            Andy Healy

  • November 28th            Irish Express

  • December 4th,5th          Derek Warfield and the Young Wolfe Tones

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Cape Cod Irish Village
822 Route 28, S. Yarmouth, MA 02664

" The Best of Ireland on Cape Cod"
Call for reservations, information or availability
(508) 771-0100 or use our online form!

Cape Cod Irish Village
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